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Introducing TUP. The office pod lets you work in silence again.

Introducing TUP. The office pod lets you work in silence again.

“We perform video calls in an open office space which used to be a quite noisy and distracting environment. As we now have our TUPs installed we are able to have better quality conversations. I personally like the design and lighting which creates a ‘small studio’ look and feel.”

Jurgita Paulauskaite

Customer Success Manager, Rydoo - Lisbon

Call Booth. Re-Invented.

You work in an open office floor plan. You enjoy the interaction with your colleagues. In fact, you need it. But sometimes you wish you had a personal work space. A small enclosed area where you can focus to get things done or have an effective phone or video call. You want an affordable solution that you can scale as your business grows. You don’t want to waste time developing your own built-in solution or experimenting with alternatives. You need it now. TUP is here to help. We bring back silence to your workspace. 


Silence & Privacy.

People who work in an open office floor plan mostly enjoy mingling with their colleagues – but also long for a personal workspace. Everyone needs a bit of privacy in order to get things done or to have an undisturbed phone call. Or to let their thoughts wander. Or to get creative.


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TUP Office Pod Call Booth Perfect Calling Privacy Working 23261-e1551271244436

Perfect Video Calling.

The benefits of video conferencing get a lot of press, and rightfully so. Cost-effective and user-friendly, video calling makes good business sense. Improving relationships in the workplace, video conferencing increases productivity and the effectiveness of teamwork.

Focused Work.

The ability to focus without interruptions is a top priority for employees. Ambient noise and a lack of personal space can make it hard to concentrate. Employees need a place to escape the sounds of their coworkers’ chatter, sneezes and phone calls.
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Reasonable pricing

TUP is shipped straight from our factory to your doorstep; there are no additional distribution layers. This results in reasonable pricing.

Free delivery

Your TUP is delivered to your doorstep within the EU without extra charge when ordering more than one . We are developing our distribution chain and hope to offer more destinations soon.

Easy assembly

It takes 2 people about 30 minutes to assemble a TUP. Our development team has managed to create a privacy pod that requires no (!) tools to assemble.

Fits ONE

TUP is designed for one person. To work, make a phone- or videocall or to just take a moment for yourself.

Flexible workspace solution

Your business evolves, so you will need a flexible office pod. Feel free to move your TUPs around, add more privacy pods or relocate them as your office expands.

Patented dutch design

TUP’s design is unique. Its distinctive curve creates a great look. The soundproof booth also optimizes acoustics and lighting. TUP makes your office look good.





Includes chair, optimized acoustics, active ventilation, professional lighting, easy assembly, patented design.




Price: €3.900,-


Includes: chair, optimized acoustics, active ventilation, professional lighting, easy assembly, patented design



“We live in a distracted world. We are bombarded by constant messages and calls screaming for our undivided attention. But one constant remains; we are humans trying to focus to deliver our best. Wherever technology will bring us we to enjoy moments of privacy, moments in which we are able to focus.

TUP is here to help. We bring back silence in the workspace.”

Alexander Otto

Co-Founder TUP




TUP Alexander Otto-Chief-Designer-Call-Booth-Office Pod-2829-e1551272786819

 “Let’s face it: The open office can be a nightmare, especially when you’re working on something that requires your undivided attention.”

Rebecca Knight

Harvard Business Review

“The Results Are In: Video Conferencing Is A Productivity Powerhouse.”

Jasmine Kim


 “Generation Y: is your office ready? Adopting video as a means of communicating and collaborating can help attract millennials to your business.”

Bobby Beckman



Dutch TUPhub.

TUPs are constructed so clients can easily assemble them. However, we are always willing to help a hand.

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