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Phone Booth. Re-Invented.

Phone Booth. Re-Invented.


noise reduction

Enjoy the Silence.

TUP is a soundproof booth. Its unique design enhances acoustics. TUP lets you focus on your conversations and concentrate in privacy. No distractions. The office pod even enhances the acoustics of the workspace it stands in.


Perfect Video Calling.

The TUP is a privacy pod designed to optimize your video calling experience. In fact, you can consider it your personal studio for two with perfect lighting and a clean, crisp background. TUP makes you look good.


Be Cool. Always.

Your TUP comes with an active, low-noise ventilation system to keep you cool. Fully integrated into your soundproof booth, you won’t see it, but you will definitely feel it. Stay focused at a perfect temperature.



“Rather than scraping through a Do-It-Yourselves project or waiting for months to schedule your customized build, you can get your personal workspace – call pod – up and running in no time. We’ve invested hundreds of hours of Research & Development into our call pod so you don’t have too. We focussed on giving you privacy, great lighting and effective ventilation. It’s very easy to assemble but even more important; we made a huge effort to create a distinctive, attractive and spacious design.”

Alexander Otto
Chief Designer TUP


Reasonable pricing

TUP is shipped straight from our factory to your doorstep; there are no additional distribution layers. This results in reasonable pricing.

Free delivery

Your TUP is delivered to your doorstep within the EU without extra charge. We are developing our distribution chain and hope to offer more destinations soon.

Easy assembly

It takes 2 people about 30 minutes to assemble a TUP. Our development team has managed to create a privacy pod that requires no (!) tools to assemble.

Fits two

TUP is a spacious privacy pod. It  easily seats two people working on a project or jointly attending a video call.

Flexible workspace solution

Your business evolves, so you will need a flexible office pod. Feel free to move your TUPs around, add more privacy pods or relocate them as your office expands.

Patented dutch design

TUP’s design is unique. Its distinctive curve creates a great look. The soundproof booth also optimizes acoustics and lighting. TUP makes your office look good.

One Solution, One Price: €4.900,-

Free shipping throughout mainland Europe + chair included

Setup ‘Contra’

Setup ‘Serie’


External Dimensions
Height 226cm, width & depth 123cm

Internal Dimensions
Height 212cm, width & depth 110cm

Approx 250kg

18mm Birch


Active fan

Minimal height room

Re-enforced glass

TUPs come in multiple boxes

2 people approx. 30 minutes

Documentation Support
Manual at delivery

220 volt